16 June 2011

Matrix Confusion; or the Original Land Before Time Theory

Land Before TimeImage by night86mare via FlickrOkay, this is gonna be sort of a depressing post, so, if you're feeling down, don't scroll down and read it later, when you feel better. I'll try to answer just one question that's been troubling (wo)mankind since the birth of impossible-to-answer-confusing-questions: Is this the real life? Is this just fantasy? (courtesy of Mr. ફારોખ બલ્સારા‌ *cough* Farrokh Bulsara aka. Freddie Mercury via Queen's 1975 hit song from the album A Night At The Opera,  "Bohemian Rhapsody- I am also an almost obsessive adept of accuracy XD).
I had this feeling a few days ago, after I returned home by plane, recovering from a few years or so of intensive stress, tension and a sudden flying-trauma (I'll talk about my traumas and panic attacks in a vlog tomorrow or so). I was tired and at the same time I couldn't calm down: I started asking myself: what if the "it" I was fearing so much while I was flying, what if "that which I will not mention for some reason or another" actually happened and what if returning home and everything coming with it was a dream or some sort of a hell or heaven"?
Okay, I'm not Bruce Willis, nor am I Neo, but, still, I was wondering about that the whole day. I was, in some way, afraid to go to sleep, afraid that I might wake up somewhere else and/or in some other state. This reality paradox is perhaps one of the things I fear the most. While I was afraid and, thus, stepping in the realms of the irrational, I was, at the same time, intellectualizing the issue as well. Perhaps this is one of my inner "happy pills" when I get freaked out about things. I remembered one of the theories about The Land Before Time, the first (from 1988) - before all those sequels -. Even Don Bluth suggested that, Littlefoot, Cera, Petrie, Ducky and Spike actually died and the Great Valley was actually the Other World.
What do you guys think? How much of what we see, feel, hear, think is rooted in reality? How much should we fear waking up some day and realizing that what we took for granted until then is merely an illusion? Do we live is Plato's cave or in Neo's Matrix?

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